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I was feeling a bit too much like Hazel Grace today, non-cancerous, but chronically ill as ever. My heart raced to 180bpm and my breath was cut short, so when I went to the hospital’s infusion clinic for IV fluids I brought along The Fault In Our Stars in every way possible (in my hands and on my shirt of which I painted myself)

In Hazel’s words, my third best friend is an author that doesnt know I exist. That author is John Green. John, I don’t know if you’ll ever stumble across this post, but I just want to personally thank you for everything. Thank you for writing the books I’ve lost myself in time after time, the books that I never stop reading. Thank you for all of your youtube videos, thank you for nerdfighteria. Thank you for all you’ve done to decrease world suck, because surely you’ve decreased the suck in my life. Thank you for helping all the others that you’ve helped. Thank you for existing. 


xx Eiryn

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I’d heard Radar say “the world’s largest collection of black Santas” perhaps a thousand times in my life, and it never became any less funny to me. But he wasn’t kidding. I remembered the first time I visited. I was maybe thirteen. It was spring, many months past Christmas, and yet black Santas lined the windowsills. Paper cutouts of black Santas hung from the stairway banister. Black Santa candles adorned the dining room table. A black Santa oil painting hung above the mangle, which was itself lined with black Santa figurines. They had a black Santa Pez dispenser purchased from Namibia. The light-up plastic black Santa that stood in their postage-stamp front yard from Thanksgiving to New Year’s spent the rest of the year proudly keeping watch in the corner of the guest bathroom, a bathroom with homemade black Santa wallpaper created with paint and a Santa-shaped sponge. In every room, save Radar’s, their home was awash in black Santadom-plaster and plastic and marble and clay and wood and resin and cloth. In total, Radar’s parents owned more than twelve hundred black Santas of various sorts. As a plaque beside their front door proclaimed, Radar’s house was an officially registered Santa Landmark according to the Society for Christmas.
John Green in Paper Towns (page 22). (via hellyeahimanerd)

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My Sailor Mars nouveau, “Spirit of Fire” is being printed at on 18th November. $10 shirts, cheap hoodies, prints, stone coasters, headphones, phone cases - you name it. It’s available for 24 hours only (+12 hours but everything is a bit more expensive).

So it’s time I am throwing some art at you! Here is what you can win:

A choice of medium watercolour (B5) or marker portrait (A5) or a customized A5 size notebook! (see examples). Whatever you want, we can discuss.

To enter:

- You don’t have to follow me on tumblr but it’s appreciated! (I post new art and wips here so why not)

-  You can reblog this post up to 3 times for 3 entries. Likes don’t count.

- The giveaway closes on 19th November.

- I’ll contact the winner via askbox so please leave it open.

Good luck!

(For an extra chance to win, visit my facebook - I am giving away two paintings, one here and one there!)

This is still running for a couple more days!